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So overall, that was disappointing.

The bad:

1. By having the first three songs be covers (and with cast including Gustin, Benoist, and Criss), a good part of this really felt like an AU Glee Episode. That's not a good thing, ever.

2. The pacing was terrible. This was probably in an attempt to give everyone their shot at singing, but they could have made things more dense (see the Buffy musical, or Galavant), or paced it over both shows instead of just cramming it into Flash*. We wasted too much time in the "real world," and not enough in the musical one.

3. Any show whose end goal is to have Kara/Mon-El get back together has bad goals. And it would have been ten times more dramatically interesting to only have Barry/Iris back together at the end.

4. No one loves meta stuff more than me, but it's played out, and for every joke that landed, there was another one that hurt the pacing.

5. The final song, "Runnin' Home To You," was so generic, it might as well not have existed (and Google tells me it's from the people who just won the Best Song Oscar, which only quintuples my lack of interest in La La Land).

6. The Music Meister is, at heart, a surreal or absurdist villain, like Mister Mxyzptlk, Bat-Mite, or The Impossible Man. He was, frankly, way too grounded here, as was the internally-logical dream world. This was a lost opportunity.

The good:

1. "More I Cannot Wish You" has been the momentum killer in every production of Guys and Dolls I've ever seen, but put in the hands of Garber, Martin, and Barrowman, it worked really well.

2. "Superfriends" was cute, and the right kind of song to show of the adorableness of the two stars.

3. While the entire Barry/Iris breakup plotline has been silly, at least it's over with for now.

4. All of the actual singing performances, even when of unnecessary songs, were well done (OTOH, note how much better the Buffy musical was even with a lead whose singing was par, at best; maybe that's not the best reason to do a musical episode?).

*I'm assuming there's a Kyle/Wally story with the title "Cramming it into Flash" somewhere.
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