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So, we headed to UTC this weekend for the NAQT Mirror and Summer Camp tourneys (open academic and trash quizbowl tourneys, respectively). I only went to NAQT to read, as I knew my limitations (plus, I enjoy reading rounds). The NAQT day was fun, and Steve, Solomon, and Gerry finished second, after entering the finals as top seeds.

Sunday's trash tourney, as always, was a blast. All four of us finished in the top 12 for prizes, and I pulled off a solid fourth place overall. As a team, we finished second, after again heading to the playoffs seeded #1. My favorite get was probably on the first clue of the tourney, where I nailed a question on "Freakazoid" off of "Mr. Chubbikins." I didn't neg until the finals (21-0 going in), so no really embarrassing negs, although my early buzz in the finals with "Joan Didion," (off clues about a successful writing career in the '60s and a shift to movies) wasn't fun, when I realized too late that they were actually asking a question about Nora Ephron. My token sports get was Curtis Martin (have the Patriots ever drafted anyone else from Pitt?), and although I got them right, I answered embarrassingly late on tossups on "NeXT," and "Will Wheaton."

Of our three losses (including the finals), two came on the last question, and I think we all handled ourselves damned well.

The traditional music mini-tournament was fun, since, in a summer tourney, I usually manage to break into the finals. I was seeded second (behind Steve) going in, and actually managed to get four points (which is four more than I've ever gotten in any other music finals -- speed's not my thing here), finishing eighth instead of my usual tenth.

We didn't get to the hotel on Saturday until nearly Midnight (late dinner after the competition at an Italian restaurant -- readers get to eat free, even. mmm, garlic), and didn't make it home on Sunday until after 10, so sleep was at a premium.

Overall, a ton of fun, as always. I'm exhausted, burnt out, and ready to do it again (which won't be until August, alas, unless there's a local tourney I'm not aware of).

Oh, and if it happened on LJ any time after early afternoon on Friday, assume I don't know about it.


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