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Not sure what else I could say. According to the website, all humans who dress like a cow (cow spots head to toe) will get a free combo next Friday.

According to the PDF faq, wearing "partial cow attire" (like a cow hat) will get you just a free entree.
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Don't forget -- Starbucks is giving away free samples (in little four-ounce sealed packages, so the barristas aren't forced to become ice cream scoopers) today. Got mine just now. The Emory store has Java Chip. Yum. :-)

And Cold Stone Creamery is giving away free ice cream from 10-Noon this Saturday.
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The Druid Hills Bookstore in Emory Village had a $3.95 rack out front. Looking through it, I found nothing I needed, but felt the siren call of a book sale calling me inside. Lo and behold, there was a 2/$1 cart! Most of it was crap or just stuff I didn't need, but just as I was ready to give up, I saw Alasdair Gray's A History Maker! Yes, another book by the insane guy who gave us Lanark!

So, of course, I also had to look at the 75% off racks, and ended up walking out of there having spent $8.50 (which is a minor miracle by itself), also nabbing the hardcover edition of Bob Fingerman's Beg the Question from Fantagraphics, and the only slightly-dated Hollywood East: Hong Kong Movies and the People Who Make Them. Woohoo!

I probably could have spent more, seeing as they had no fewer than eight 75% off shelves, but I only had so much time.

And I was just bemoaning the fact that I left the book I was reading at home, and had nothing to read on the bus. :-)
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As noted by [ profile] mnfiddledragon, Caribou Coffee is giving out free coffee coolers from 1-3 local time. SO folks in Atlanta, DC, and other Eastern areas with Caribou, hurry up! And folks in Chicago, MN, and other places in other time zones, get ready! I'm enjoying my free espresso cooler as I type this. :-)
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(No, he's not in jail. As far as I know.)

I've never read Charles Stross (*gasp*), but since some folks kinda like him, it might be worth noting that his new book, Accelerando!, which will cost you $16.47 at Amazon (and you won't even be able to get it until July) is available as a free ebook download at the book's website.
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Amazon is having yet another 40% off sale on Fox TV DVDs, as well as another 40% off random first seasons sale.. With the exception of one show that just plain blows (and doesn't belong on a list of otherwise-quality TV), these are pretty good ones. Firefly, Wonderfalls, Arrested Development Season 1, Greg the Bunny, and Keen Eddie are some of my favorites that I already own, and The 4400, Star Trek: TOS Season 1, Murder One, The Lone Gunmen, and Chappelle's Show Season 1 are high on my list of shows to purchase.

I think I've raved about every one of those shows at one time or another, excluding 4400 and Chapelle, which I haven't seen, but have heard damned fine things about.


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