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The big Boskone recap probably won't get written until later this week, as it involves looking at my notes and summarizing a lot of panels, as well as finding time and energy to do so.

But I did note something interesting, especially while watching the girls at [ profile] shadesong's reading (which went swimmingly, btw):

There seems to be a ratio of about six girls to every guy in the pre-teen to early teen (let's call it 10-15) range at Boskone.

There's a less skewed ratio at Arisia -- maybe three or four girls for every guy.

This is entirely anecdotal, of course, and there are dozens of potential explanations (including the fact that Boston is a demographic outlier or the fact that fen are genetically predisposed towards giving birth to girls). But it's an anecdote that I find fascinating.

It's also not in the least bit surprising (although my biases as a father of an almost-teen probably are a factor).

But there still seems to be an entire generation or two of product developers and advertisers (as well as any number of creators of awful sitcoms) assuming that the cons (and associated fandoms) are populated, if not by Comic Book Guy, at least by younger versions of the characters on The Big Bang Theory.

In related news, here's today's XKCD.

(Also, I really, really need a new userpic for Elayna-related posts; my little girl isn't a little girl anymore. Will see if we can get a nifty pic when we're in Arizona to show off the new haircut and some great desert scenery.)
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Today is Elayna's first day of Fifth Grade! Yay! Our little girl keeps growing up!

Today was supposed to be hella busy with course enrollment, as the technical issue we'd been waiting on had supposedly been fixed. It hasn't. So I'm hella busy with other stuff, all of which is important, but none of which is as important as course enrollment. Grr.

One thing I forgot to mention about Sky High is how damned fun the soundtrack is. The soundtrack consists of nothing but '80s covers by contemporary bands, including a nice Bowling for Soup cover of "I Melt With You," a good take on "And She Was" by Keaton Simons, and a truly superb cover of "Save it For Later" by Flashlight Brown. Highly recommended (although, as one reviewer notes, it would have been nice to see Michael Giacchino's score get some recognition).

[ profile] shadesong and I finally saw the US Women's Gymnastics Championships last night, or at least the one hour NBC allowed people to see (tape-delayed in Atlanta, since preseason football bumped it on Saturday). Quite nice. Liukin and Memmel were both phenomenal. But Alicia Sacramone's floor exercise was just a thing of beauty -- she may not have the all-around talents that the others have, but given my bias for the floor exercise anyway, her performance was easily the highlight.

Also caught Family Guy and American Dad on reruns. Anyone know if the intelligence chart from FG (showing creationists below the mentally retarded) is available anywhere as an icon?

Finally, the usual weekly administrivia reminder: I'm barely reading LJ, and with all the work stuff, not likely to be caught up until September. Likewise, I probably won't be adding new folks back until then, when I actually get breathing room to look at journals again.
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Just a few more hours until my daughter is back in Atlanta! Yay!
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Spent most of the weekend off the net, not always a bad thing.

Since we celebrated Father's Day when Elayna was still in town, yesterday was mostly uneventful on that front, other than a call from my daughter and the surprise that she'd hidden an extra Father's Day card under her keyboard for me before leaving town. Yeah, my kid rules. :-)

Played lots of Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. I go back to it every year or two. Still so damned good (really -- I'd rather see action RPGs just try to improve on the few flaws in this formula than start from scratch). Got my sword-and-shield Barb to Lower Kurast.

After two weeks of waiting for a library recall notice to go through, I finally got my hands on the two most recent Kinsey Millhone books, and gobbled down Q is for Quarry, which was the best in a while (and, although I picked up a lot of the important early details, the first one that kept me in the dark about the murderer in a long time).

I also burned through about fifteen magazines that had piled up. And ate yummy food.

Oh, and the best news of all: So, after [ profile] matociquala made a comment in her LJ involving the word "Denouement," I felt compelled to quote from the "Heroes" episode of The Tick. This led me to check the Tivo listings to see if it was on anywhere, and lo and behold, Toon Disney is running it every night at 11! I can get my spoony goodness again! And so can all of you!

Finally, anyone know of a good Mac client that handles tag support? I love my iJournal, but I also love tags, and hate editing more than I have to.


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