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No longer the backup account. So let's copy the old LJ profile:

desert dwelling sand-snake. Its bite is so subtle that few animals (or people) will realize they've been bitten until, a few minutes to an hour later, the victim collapses - represents subtlety and misdirection. (from Dzurlord)
Yendi coils and strikes, unseen. (from Jhereg)
Pel is a Yendi. One never knows what Pel might say, what he might do, what he might say he has done, or, above all, why he would say or do what he said or did. (from Five Hundred Years After)
How many Yendi does it take to sharpen a sword?
Three. One to sharpen the sword and one to confuse the issue.
(from Yendi)

If you're joining my LJ, I'd love it if you went to my post at and answered the question there, as I'm always curious about LJ usernames.

Also, please feel free to fill out the AIM/Yahoo username survey, so I can know to add you to my buddy lists. It can be found at

Obligatory mini-bio: I'm a computer/academia geek living in Watertown (outside of Boston) and working at a research university. I grew up in New York City (1972-1990), and spent the next sixteen years in Atlanta, as both a student and an employee of Emory University. I live with my wife , as well as our daughter Elayna (when she's home from college), a large and goofy cat named Alphie, a small and evil cat named Charlotte, and small and shy cat named Whisper, and a small affectionate dog named Nicodemus. I was the horror columnist for a couple of years at Bookslut, and you also might have seen stuff I've written over at, The Green Man Review, and, or in print at Publishers Weekly.

If you feel like being nice to me, I've got a wishlist full of stuff at Amazon.

I also maintain the community [profile] damnation_alley, for fans of Roger Zelazny.
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