Jul. 4th, 2005 11:40 am
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Today is [ profile] shadesong's fifth anniversary of lowering her standards, and of us falling in love!

Happy anniversary, sweetie!
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Grr. They're releasing an unrated version of Dodgeball. Nine months after the initial release of the movie. Have I mentioned how much I loathe double dips?

Stayed home yesterday, as I was at the "use it or lose it" level of vacation, and was going to lose those eight hours as of July 1 no matter what. Spent the day cleaning up in the kitchen and bedroom, working on job app stuff, and dozing with a cat on my chest. We also went shopping, discovering that Publix no longer stocks my lovely "Deli-style Rye" flavor of Triscuits. Bastards.

Creepiest thing I noted while reading through the stacks of magazines: Stuff Magazine (shut up! I get it for free!) has a pictorial/interview with Danica McCellar. Like the interviewer, I've got a hard time looking at the pics and not saying, "but it's Winnie Cooper!" Other than watching Static Shock, I don't think I've seen a project of hers in years.

Really sad offshoot of that last point -- checking out the IMDB for other TWY castmembers, it looks like the only thing that Jason Hervey has done in recent memory (other than his stint on JLU as Dove) is exec produce I Want to Be a Hilton. *shudder* I believe that puts him below Todd Bridges on the "former TV child star" Walk of Shame.

Plans for the holiday weekend: Get crap done around the house. Woohoo! Maybe, if I get bored, I'll kill Diablo.


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