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1. Books Read: I got derailed here by side-project involving some reviews. I'm still going to try to compile a list of all books finished during 2007 (not counting side-project ones, as there are things I can't disclose there), but since I suck at logging them, I'm afraid I might have skipped some.

2. Ongoing short fiction, etc. I don't tend to update much about these, but I'm actually working on a few pieces which might get submitted somewhere.

3. 261 Days of Horror. Yeah, that collapsed like a motherfucker*. It seemed like a great idea at the time, but that was when I had a week of free time, no sense of how busy work would get, and no concerns about writing income. As [ profile] curt_holman (I think) commented when I apologized for some early lateness, "what aren't we paying you for?"

My overall goal is to try to focus on getting paid for my writing. And I'm doing that, although in some venues that don't offer bylines (which may sound like a crappy trade-off, but bylines are not redeemable for cat food, field trip expenses, or coffee; money is). I'd like to find more, though, which is why #2, above, exists.

That said, I also like writing horror reviews. It's fun. And a lot of you have given me encouragement and asked if I'll get back to it. I intend to (possibly as early as today). It's just that writing them daily is the sort of insanity that can burn one out, especially once the three hours (minimum) needed per day are added to all the other obligations (including sleep).

So, here's what I'm doing, in terms of movie reviews, for 2008: I'll post reviews periodically, but with no set deadline. If I write twenty, I'll post twenty. If I write 365 (ha!), I'll post 365. Realistically, figure that the final number will be between 50 and 150. I also might very well expand beyond horror, although I'll likely stick to genre flicks, as they tend to be prime targets for snark (see my thoughts on Highlander: The Source, for example).

I will also be adding a Paypal button to these reviews. I know it seems crass, but you don't have to pay me a bloody cent if you don't want to. My wife's Wind Tunnel Dreams project has shown that people will pay for fiction; I don't expect the same level of donations for non-fiction, but I'd be a fool not to at least provide an outlet for anyone who felt like making a donation. I'll still write even if I don't get paid (some movies just require venting). I'll just likely write more if I do.

Since I don't see a realistic market for publishing these in a compilation (I know that some of you have suggested this, am disinclined towards self-publishing (although I know that MaryAnn Johanson had at least some success with LuLu), and don't see many opportunities for dead-tree reprints (I'm not Roger Ebert), I'm looking at donations as the primary source of whatever revenue I might take in.

I don't expect to get a lot from this, and what little we get will go towards things like groceries. If this somehow turns into a windfall, I'll look into funneling excess money into silly things like a separate domain name, a standalone site, etc.

As incentive, each $25 donation earns you the right to request a review, with the understanding that, if I don't have it on DVD or have the option of getting it on Tivo, you'll either need to make an alternate request, or get me a copy of that movie (I don't subscribe to Netflix or have a decent video store nearby). All sponsors, of course, will be thanked publicly unless otherwise requested.

Oh, as far as a name goes, I'll be tagging these with the unnumbered tag "Days of Horror" for now, with a possible name change if/when I expand far beyond the horror genre.

And yes, expect a review later this afternoon or tomorrow.

*Okay, I have no idea how motherfuckers collapse. The project might have collapsed like a house of cards, or the last days of a dying pocket universe, or something else entirely. But "motherfucker" is a good, strong epithet, and I'm sure that at least one of them has collapsed at some point.
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Yes, there's a new issue of SMRT-TV, and I've got yet another Zoinks! column, this time focusing on the suckitude of videogame toons! Lots of other good articles there, as well, ranging from Lost to file sharing. As always, check it out!


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