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Yes, back in Atlanta. Trip was wonderful, trip home itself sucked donkey balls, mainly because Airtran continues to insist on hiring only crack-smoking chimpanzees instead of trained workers. So not much sleep. Not helped by the cats, who clearly wanted to make up for lost cuddle-time at 1 in the morning.

No way to sum up the trip, other than to say that it was wonderful. Love Boston, and love Malden. [ profile] beowabbit and [ profile] docorion are wonderful hosts, as well as just plain wonderful people. Fun was has by all.

No, didn't really read LJ while I was gone, and no intentions of doing so now. If it's important, email me, etc.

Did lots of reading, including:

[ profile] matociquala's nifty second novel, Scardown, which was quite fun, but probably shouldn't be read by anyone who hasn't read Hammered yet (so go read Hammered!). Lots of fun, even if she does mean things to characters I like.

● Jane Yolen and Adam Stemple's Pay the Piper: A Rock and Roll Fairy Tale, a quite nice YA fantasy novel that'll appeal to the CDL/NKH fans, as well as anyone looking for a nice reinterpretation of the Pied Piper myth.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, which is a fun little small press title that deserves some attention. Hopefully some of you might have heard of it. No spoilers here, but I'll make a separate post with my thoughts on the book later.

The Zork Chronicles, by the late and wonderful George Alec Effenger (and produced by the later (or is that more recent?) and just as wonderful Byron Preiss). This is a damned funny bit of genre parody (not surprising, given the author), with more than a few "how did he get away with this one?" moments, not least of which is having an organization that acronyms to SFWA, with a Campbell Award, even (this for Joseph Campbell, though). It's definitely better if you've played the games (and, for these purposes, "the games' refers to the first three Zork games, no Beyond, Zero, or anything involving FMV), as the adventure takes place years after the series, and features many of the same locations, as well as the effects of the original hero's actions. Worth grabbing used (which is the only way you'll find it, anyway).

Cowl, by Neal Asher. I'm almost done with it, and quite enjoying it. My first Asher novel, but it won't be my last. One of the better time-travel novels I've read.

Gah. Exhaustion killing me. Need to hunt and kill a wild coffeebeast.


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